Our Story

In the middle of the 1980's two young local fishermen from a small town in West Cork in Ireland, Richard Murphy and Peter O'Sullivan Greene, friends for many years due to both having a keen interest in the local fishing industry, combined their fishing efforts and worked together to catch and supply Irish Brown Crab to local and European seafood buyers. Then in 1987 they incorporated their Company and called it Shellfish De La Mer.

One Of The Crab Fishing Boats called "The Three Brothers"


They began selling to local restaurants and shops in the town and this rapidly expanded to servicing markets throughout Ireland and Europe. They would fish in the morning for the crab and other products that they would supply, the catch would be landed in the afternoon and then processed and delivered that evening and night ensuring their customers the freshest taste. As demand increased they began to take on some of their friends and relatives to help meet the high demand.


Fishermen landing the Brown Crab Daily


Now we are the biggest employer in our town, employing over 120 people and have expanded into a 20,000 square foot factory in a local industrial island and operate on a 24 hour basis. Our customer base now includes over 1500 restaurants in Ireland, extensive retail market coverage in Ireland, UK and throughout Europe and also many food service companies in Europe and throughout the world. All our crab is gently cooked in our state of the art cookers to ensure precision cooking in an efficient manner. After the cooking, the crab meat and crab toes are hand processed to ensure the crab stays in its most natural form.


Hand Processed Crab toes


We have our own fishing boats that catch the crab daily and we also get supply off local boats and also off fishermen through Ireland to meet the weekly high demand. All our boats and crab suppliers practice traditional pot fishing methods that are sustainable with low environmental impact.


The Irish Brown Crab (Cancer Pagurus)