Shellfish De La Mer has a detailed HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) plans in place for all our products. HACCP is a production control system for the food industry. It is a process that identifies where potential contamination can occur (the critical control points or CCPs) and strictly manages and monitors these points as a way of ensuring the process is in control and that the safest product possible is being produced.

We have the highest possible hygiene systems in accordance with National and International Standards and also boasts a modern chilled and frozen cold storage facility to service our customer's needs.

Shellfish De La Mer can assure 100% traceability for all our products from the the boats and suppliers to the customers.

Shellfish De La Mer recognises the impact of its activities, products and services have on the environment, and significant aspects of our operation such as energy, waste generation, transport, resource consumption and raw material are monitored closely, with continuous efforts to make aspects even more environmentally friendly.

It is the policy of Shellfish De La Mer to comply with all relevant legislation and licensing requirements associated with our business.